What are Logic Gates?

Hi electronics enthusiasts, in this tutorial we will learn about Digital Logic Gates that are widely used in electronics.

What are Logic Gates?

At their core, logic gates are electronic devices that perform logical operations on one or more binary inputs to produce a single binary output.

They operate according to predefined truth tables that dictate the output state based on the input states.

There are three basic gates in electronics which are AND, OR, NOT. However, there are some other gates as well which are XOR, NAND, and NOR. But for this tutorial, we will only concentrate on three basic gates i.e., AND, OR, and NOT.

Gates Tool Option in Electronics Workbench 5.12

In the EWB you get the gate option by clicking the ‘Logic Gate’ tool in the toolbar. Under this tool option, you will get all the logic gates.

If you don’t have EWB, click below button to download it.

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AND Gate

The AND gate produces a HIGH output (1) only when all of its inputs are HIGH (1). Otherwise, it produces a LOW output (0).

NOTE: Here in the truth table we are representing 1 as T and 0 as F.

Truth Table of AND Gate

Input AInput BOutput (A AND B)

OR Gate

The OR gate produces a HIGH output (1) if any of its inputs are HIGH (1). It generates a LOW output (0) only when all inputs are LOW (0).

Truth Table of OR Gate

Input AInput BOutput (A OR B)

NOT Gate

The NOT gate, also known as an inverter, produces the inverse of its input. It converts a HIGH input (1) to a LOW output (0), and vice versa.

Truth Table of NOT Gate



These three basic logic gates, including AND, OR, and NOT gates, form the foundation of digital electronics, enabling the construction of complex circuits and systems. Understanding their functions and truth tables is crucial for designing and analyzing digital circuits and systems. If you have any questions kindly put them below the comment section, and will be happy to serve you.

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